Kasino Royale & Jimmy Holsta began making music together in 2002 in Rochester,
NY. They began as a freestyle duo that perfected their craft while recording on tape
decks in the basement. As time went on, they looked to take their craft more
seriously. They began performing these tracks in bars across the Rochester area
and soon realized they were building a following. Around 2006, Kasino and Jimmy
invested in recording studio time and hired a manager to help them promote their
music. They then began putting out their music on CDs for their fans and continued
to perfect their skills. In 2008, Kasino released his solo project "Drama Time" and
that's when things really started to take off. The two found themselves doing multiple
shows per week and getting paid from their music.

By 2009, the two were a mainstay in the Rochester Hip Hop scene. Around this time,
they linked up with two other artists to form the "4 Horsemen" and began work on a
group project. The group also met Rochester producer/engineer Volatile and began
recording at his studio. The group released "The Beginning Of The End" which
ended up being the group's only release. Shortly after the release, the group
disbanded and  Kasino & Jimmy once again began work on their own duo release
under their current name "The Reaper Boyz."

Around 2011, The Reaper Boyz linked up with InJeanious Records founder Jason
Gere and joined the INJ team. They've released two projects to date with the label,
"Formal Introduction" & "I Need Space In My Computer" both recorded, mixed and
hosted by Volatile. The Reaper Boyz continued to build on their success and
maintained a heavy presence in the local music scene, constantly booking shows and
performing around town. They've opened for many national acts including Joe
Budden, Mickey Factz, Ill Bill, Lil Mama, Emilio Rojas, & Bizarre Royale.

Currently, the group has started their own label "R-Nation Corporation" and they are
geared up to release their next project "Reaper World Order" on July 4th, 2014. Stay
tuned for plenty more from this duo. As Kasino himself says, "we just want to put on
for our city and get love in return!"